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Thank you very much for your support of Sheena Ringo and the other Kronekodow artists. But let's get down to business. Did you know that casually posting pictures of an artist on your fan website may violate the rights of that artist? This page provides you with a set of guidelines for managing your fan site. The Q&A below will help you know which specific acts infringe upon the artist's rights. We apologize for delving into this issue in such detail because we know the vast majority of fan sites are well meaning. Still, we hope that you will understand our position and observe these rules.

Use of Images
Q: I created a fan site dedicated to Sheena Ringo. I post a lot of pictures on the site. Most of them are pictures that were used on Nekoyanagi Line or Ringo-han or pictures I scanned in from magazines. Is this a problem?
A: Everyone has portrait rights. If you use a portrait of a person on your fan site without permission, it is an infringement of that person's portrait rights. Portraits of artists in particular also implicate publicity rights, which have recognized economic value. Accordingly, using portraits of artists without their permission also violates their property rights, which is an even more serious violation of the law. Press junket photos and magazine photos are also copyrighted by the person who took the photo. Please understand then that unauthorized use of such photos also violates copyrights.

Q: I saw Hata Toshiki when I was out walking around in the city and used my camera phone to take a picture of him, then posted the picture on my blog as soon as I could. I took the picture myself, so this isn't a problem is it?
A: Since you took the picture yourself, there is no problem in terms of copyrights. But, don't forget that what you did violates Hata Toshiki's portrait rights and publicity rights. So we'd ask you to refrain from posting such pictures on your blog.

Q: I want to use an image of Sheena Ringo on my website. How do I get Kronekodow's permission to do so?
A: Kronekodow does not authorize the use of images by the general public. You are free to ask but unfortunately you will be turned down. Please accept our apologies.

Q: I've posted a ton of images of Sheena Ringo on my website. A lot people view the site and it has gotten a great response. So there's not any problem in continuing to use the images, is there?
A: As we've explained above, your actions are actually a violation of Sheena Ringo's portrait rights and publicity rights. The more people that view the images, the bigger the problem. We hope you understand this point.

Q: My friend has a site with Sheena Ringo's images on it. Does that mean he received permission to post them?
A: Kronekodow manages all portraits of Sheena Ringo. We never give permission to the general public to use her images. So, your friend's site is using the images without permission. You might want to warn your friend about this.

Q: I added an original illustration to an image of Sheena Ringo, and it looks really cool, so I want to put it on my website. Since I'm the one who created it, this isn't a problem is it?
A: Even if you add your own illustration to an image, the fact remains that you are still partially using Sheena Ringo's image. This constitutes unauthorized use of her image, so please do not use it. Of course if your website is composed entirely of your own illustrations and you are not using any pictures or images of Sheena Ringo, that would not be a problem.

Q: I want to post a realistic sketch, not a photo.
A: If the sketch constitutes a portrait of Sheena Ringo, posting it would be considered unauthorized use of her portrait. The same holds true for a sketch-like illustration or a somewhat out-of-focus photo. Sketches that bear no resemblance to Sheena Ringo are fine, though these would not be considered sketches of Sheena Ringo per se. Thank you for your understanding.

Use of Music and Lyrics
Q: A Tokyo Incidents song plays in the background every time my website is accessed. Pretty cool, huh?
A: Regardless of how cool it is, this violates not only copyrights but also related performance rights.

Q: I have the only site on the Net with all the lyrics to all of Sheena Ringo's songs. It's the one thing I'm proud of. Pretty amazing, don't you think?
A: This is a copyright violation. You have posted the lyrics without permission, so please remove them from your site. Kronekodow does not individually authorize such use and is not in the position to do so. We are not able to respond to any requests for permission.

Q: I have a recording of Sheena Ringo when she went on a radio show. It's OK for me to put the recording of just her talking on my website, isn't it?
A: Even recordings of Sheena Ringo talking fall under copyright law, so please refrain from putting such recordings on your site.

Q: I'm really good at imitating Sheena Ringo. I put a recording of myself imitating her on my website because I wanted to find out what people thought of it. What do you think? Do I sound like her?
A: Unfortunately, even imitations of Sheena Ringo songs violate their copyrights.

Q: When you click a button on my website, the very beginning of the intro of Sheena Ringo's Kabukicho no jyoo plays for an instant. I think this is OK because it's only for a second.
A: Please understand that even playing small portions constitutes use and so is a copyright violation.

Use of Trademarks and Logos
Q: I absolutely love Tokyo Incidents' logo. May I use it on my website?
A: Please do not use it on your website. Use of logos by the general public is strictly prohibited. Moreover, if you put the logo on your site, people may think that your site is a product of Tokyo Incidents. This would be a violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Q: I made a towel using Kronekodow's cat logo. I want to give it to Sheena Ringo.
A: We appreciate the thought, but Kronekodow does not allow the general public to use this logo in products, so we cannot accept your gift.