Ringo EXPO 08
“Firstlove” Singer
Sid & Daydreams
Kiss Me 動画再生
Religion (instr.)
Gips 動画再生
A Driving Rain in Darkness
Crime and Punishment
Queen of Kabuki-cho
Black Out
Rush Job (instr.)
The Onion Song
Playing with Blocks
The Carnival 動画再生
“Temporary” Virgin
Correct City 動画再生
A View of Happiness
Mikan Peel (Sheena Ringo’s first composition)
Alone 動画再生

TOBF-5620 March 11, 2009 4,989 yen (w/tax) *DVD
TYXN-10007 November 13, 2013 5,400 yen (w/tax) *Blu-ray Disc

The “Ringo Expo '08: The 10th Anniversary Jubilee” show held at Saitama Super Arena on November 30, 2008, still fresh in our minds, has been turned into a much anticipated DVD. It features the complete set played that night, so you can trace Sheena Ringo’s musical excursion from her debut up through today.
The full, 68-member orchestra and band conducted by Saito Neko laying down Ringo tunes is quite a sight to behold. With such a dazzling performance by Ringo herself, colorful dancers and exciting guests, it was truly a show befitting its “expo” appellation. See it again, in the comfort of your living room.

Bonus Gifts with First Press Edition
10th Anniversary Box
10th Anniversary Stickers
Handwritten score for “Mikan Peel,” Ringo’s first composition
*Bonus included only on the DVD version released in 2009.


  • The main street
  • Jiyu-Dom
  • No verão, as noites / God, nor Buddha
  • A Life Supreme
  • Sunny
  • The Sexual Healing Total Care Course 120min.
  • Blu-ray BOX LiVE
  • Honeymoon Excerpt
  • Talk of the Town
  • Les Couleurs Chantent / La Solitude de l'aube
  • Collateral Damage
  • L' œillet
  • Sexual Healing Vol. 4
  • Saturday Night Gossip
  • Superficial Gossip
  • The Invaluable
  • MoRA CD Box Set (first press limited edition)
  • MoRA DVD Box Set (first press limited edition)
  • Japanese Manners (First Run Limited Edition / 2-Disc Set)
  • Innocence Moratorium
  • Zazen Ecstasy
  • My Power Generation
  • Electric Discharge & Me
  • Japanese Manners Premium Sheena Ringo & Saito Neko
  • Japanese Manners Sheena Ringo & Saito Neko (First Run Limited Edition / 2-Disc Set)
  • Meeting of the Ringo Squad Vol. 1
  • Japanese Manners
  • Memory [Sheena Ringo & Satio Neko + Junpei Shiina]
  • "Temporary" virgin(DEATH JAZZ ver.)
  • Electric Mole
  • A Song of Apples
  • Sexual Healing Vol.3
  • Prostitute Ecstasy
  • Kalk Samen Chestnut Flower (First Run Limited Edition / 2-Disc Set)
  • Kalk Samen Chestnut Flower
  • Stem (At Play With a Feudal Lord)
  • Kaleidoscope: A Short Film
  • A Favor of Duty Part 1
  • Chastity at Midnight
  • Chastity at Midnight (First Run Limited Edition)
  • Growth Status Stand up Japon
  • Revolt Ecstasy
  • The Acme Collection
  • Sexual Healing vol.2
  • Sexual Healing Vol.1
  • Winning Strip
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Gips
  • A View of Happiness
  • Instinct
  • Innocence Moratorium
  • Kiss Me
  • Queen of Kabuki-cho
  • A View of Happiness