VIDEO Just can't help it. / INCIDENTS TOKYO
Just can't help it.
Laugh at Facts
Girl Robot
The Kabuki
A Secret
The Lady Is a Tramp
Back to Earth / Faces
The Suicide
A Mail
C'm'on Let's go!
Black Out
Super Star
The Rat's-nest
The Carnival
Active Fighting
Invisible Man
Marunouchi Sadistic

[06 Sep 2006] 4,320 yen (w/tax) TOBF-5497
First pressing comes in Digipak packaging

The complete NHK Hall concert held on May 26 on the "Domestic! Just Can't Help It" tour, the reincarnated Tokyo Incidents' first Japanese tour.
Feast your eyes on the DVD's jacket. Our rather immodest models are scantily clad in the official tour g-string and official tour boxer shorts. Official tour merchandise never looked so comfortable.


  • ‘Golden Time’ Music Video Collection on DVD/Blu-ray
  • ‘Hard Disk’ Complete Limited Edition CD Box Set
  • bloopers and highlights
  • The Midnight Broadcasting
  • Bon Voyage
  • Tokyo Collection
  • Discovery
  • CS Channel
  • Discovery
  • The Reverberation / Fly Me To Heaven
  • Ultra C
  •  Dopa-mint!
  • Where's Heaven
  • Sports
  • Spa & Treatment
  • 3min.
  • Put Your Camera Down
  • Variety 増刊号
  • Variety
  • Killer-tune
  • O.S.C.A.
  • "ADULT VIDEO" Original Sound Track
  • The Rat's-nest
  • Dynamite Out
  • Dynamite in
  • Tokyo Incidents Vol.1
  • Ideal Days for Ultramarine / A Distress (First Run Limited Edition)
  • Education
  • A distress
  • Ideal days for ultramarine